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Pumpkin reduces admin processes for NDIS support coordination & plan management with user-friendly solutions that are simple and affordable.

NDIS Plan Management & Support Coordination software, Australia
NDIS Plan Management Software


Get your invoicing done in minutes

Pumpkin’s Plan Management NDIS Software is the perfect tool to optimise processes and reduce manual efforts. This all-in-one Plan Management software offers the following features: 
  • Streamlining claims process from entering invoice details, claiming from NDIS to paying providers
  • Bulk NDIS claims and bank payments
  • Automated tasks to reduce manual work
  • Monthly statements of client expenses
  • Comprehensive reports & more


Manage & track all your tasks in one place

Track tasks and billable hours with Pumpkin’s Support Coordination software. We offer a solution that is easy to use with no bloated features enabling support coordinators to maximise their productivity and time. Features of our Support Coordination software include: 
  • Task tracker to easily view any active tasks and status
  • Invoice generation for your plan-managed or self-managed clients
  • Generate bulk NDIA claim file
  • Tracking of NDIS client’s plan-managed periods
  • Tasks due date reminders 
  • Comprehensive reports and more
NDIS Support Coordination Software
NDIS Plan Management & Support Coordination Software


Access real-time reporting

Provide your clients with timely updates of their plans, expenses and claims with automated monthly statements. Equip them with all the necessary information to monitor their budgets and claims.

  • Monthly statement of your client’s expenses automatically emailed
  • Audit compliant
  • Audit trail log


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what makes us different

Why choose Pumpkin?


We strive for simplicity. Pumpkin's a simple, easy-to-use software with no bloated features.


Our plans are generally more affordable than others in the industry. We offer a free plan for those starting off as NDIS Service Providers.

Reduced costs

Streamline your workflows and reduce costs by automating manual tasks – while remaining compliant with all NDIS guidelines.

Boosted Productivity

Our automated processes enables service providers to maximise their productivity and allocate more time towards providing exceptional client care.

What Our Client’s Say

We prioritise Simplicity, Efficiency, and Affordability for your organisation. 

Dee Raja | Flexi Support

“Pumpkin's support coordination solution is exactly what we needed at Flexi Support. It has streamlined the way we manage our client's plans and tasks. The support coordination software allows us to easily track all tasks and hours in one place. Thanks Pumpkin for this great software!"

Phoebe Loi | Waya Plan Management

“Waya PM has been using Pumpkin's plan management softwares for a while now and it has reduced a substantial amount of manual work for our team. It's easy to use without overwhelming features. Highly recommend for all NDIS plan management service providers."

Want to see how it works?

Take the first step towards exploring our software by scheduling a demo with our team. Our experts will guide you through the features of your preferred solution, and recommend a plan that best suits the needs of your organisation.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pumpkin's Solutions

It’s free forever within the client cap limitations.

We provide onboarding to help set up new clients even when you sign up for our free version.

Yes, all features are available regardless of the type of plan. This applies to both support coordination and plan management.

All data are encrypted and stored on Amazon Cloud Services in Sydney. There are multiple back ups in place to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Our softwares were designed with simplicity and affordability in mind without unnecessary features.

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